miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2008


I was thinking about all of you at sunset time.

With all my love, from Galicia, my Country, for all of you

Teachers and friends from Limerick. Limerick, was for me

A pleasant dream. Ii is a pleasure for me to write in

English, but if I could be written this poem in Gaelic,

Perhaps I could be living a fantastic world. I, always

Write in Galician Language. I love the imitated

Knowledge of the Gaelic Language. I love English, too.

Days go on quickly

Nor questions

Are sparkling

On the fresh air

Of a funny day.

My love

Is a sweet dream

Lost in the faraway time.

Words, without answers

Broken  thoughts

Like broken screams

Little personal tragedies

All my live I could have been

A free language

Without sufferings

And painful feelings.

A word,

Only a single word

Is the Chief of the air?

Of the entire environment

And all kind of landscapes?

The freedom

Is knocking

At my nude black door.

I feel okay

Because I have known

My friend freedom.

Freedom is like


In a sail tensed

By the strength

Of the wild air.

My life entire

Is a floating thought

Like a seagull

Over the wild Ocean.

My entire life

Is a lost Island

In the middle

Of  delicious desires

And  forgotten hopes.

Miguel Dubois.

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